Saturday, April 28, 2012

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Starting a Nature Journal - and a Good Day for Cadence

Cadence is psyched! She just found out she gets to go to the dentist tomorrow - which she's been looking forward to for months - and we got to watch a robin eat a worm in the backyard. The robin ate for a long time, then flew away with the rest. Cadence decided maybe she was taking it back to some baby robins.

She was so thrilled about going to the dentist she made a little Cadence snake out of play dough and took it to the dentist. Then she looked inside it's mouth with a 'little mirror' to count it's teeth. Apparently it has fourteen.

After we saw the robin I decided to start a nature journal with her. She loves to color and write, so our first page was just drawing what we saw and writing about it. We also discussed what color the robin was, the sizes of the robin and worm, how birds feed their babies, and perspective, since we drew Mama and Cadence far away on the paper. Here is the first page in her nature journal binder, based on her 'scientific observation' of the morning:

Her journaling (the brown scribbles) says "Robins think worms are YUM-MY!" and "The robin flew away with the rest of the worm."

We will also put in her binder the coloring page of the ladybug she did, with the writing about seeing the ladybug crawl on my hand, and how ladybugs can go upside down on sticks. I foresee several pages about butterflies, since we have a lot of butterflies in our yard. We have loved watching them. I also plan to let her collect specimens of the trees in our yard, and whatever else we think of to do. Fun!