Monday, June 29, 2009

Aren't They Cute?

Tony is such a good Daddy - he's patient and sweet and funny, and Cadence absolutely adores him. Sometimes when I'm frustrated he'll just whisk her off and play and she'll settle right down. Then I feel bad about being frustrated, but he just smiles and says "That's why God gave her two parents." I am so thankful for the way God blessed me by giving me Tony. I know some people raise kids by themselves, or with little involvement from the other parent, and I really admire their courage and strength.
This was one of the very rare times Cadence fell asleep unswaddled, and the were just so precious I had to take a picture. The poor kid is going to grow up thinking the camera is part of Mama's arm :)

Saturday, June 27, 2009


We have a sure-fire way of making Cadence mad - just put her on her stomach. She hates to be on her stomach. She always has. It's kind of weird, but oh well! As a result, she doesn't do many of the milestones that require being on her stomach. I do try every day, but it only lasts like a minute before she starts wailing and eating the floor/blanket/etc. In this progression of pictures you can see her gradually getting madder and madder... It ended, as usual, in her crying and throwing a fit, and me picking her up.

On the other hand, she will play laying on her back or sitting up forever. This morning she played on her playmat for an hour. She likes to grab stuff, and likes to sing and do action rhymes. She can pretty much sit up by herself now (we have to hold her hands so she can balance herself) and she'll also stand up for a long time. But if you ever want to see her tonsils - just put her on her stomach!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Some Pictures of Cadence

Look at me - I'm holding the cup Mama and Daddy use to dump water on me! (Heehee, don't tell anyone, but I stole it from Daddy while Mama wasn't watching, and now I'm putting it in my mouth - I also now think I can't take a bath without holding it - thanks Daddy!)

A cute little jumper from Pa-Pa*:

*A new and improved, updated dictionary:
Mommy - my mom
Papa- my dad
Mom - Tony's mom
Dad - Tony's dad
Gramma - my mom
Papa - my dad
Nana - Tony's mom
Pa-Pa - Tony's dad
Mama - me
Daddy - Tony

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fourteen Weeks Tiger Pictures (Plus)

Not all of these are with her tiger but they are all from the same day - can you believe how big she's getting? I can't!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Flower Beds, Etc.

Wow - its impossible to believe summer is almost half over already! I thought sure we would have some time to just chill (or, swelter, since its a billion degrees and three thousand percent humidity - no exageration!), but we've been going, going, going the last few weeks. Oh well, we have had some pretty relaxing days at home in the midst of all the crazies.

We've been loving our garden and flower bed. I took this picture of the flower bed about two weeks ago. Now that things are really growing, I see lots of things I planted in the wrong place, but at least things seem to be thriving! Next year I will put the marigolds in front of the petunias :)

The garden has been great. We've had a little bit of everything, although our full size tomato plants haven't ripened yet - lots of little greens ones working their way bigger though! I don't have recent pictures... but I do have a picture of our first meal 'from the garden.' The only storebought thing was the sausage - and it was all yummy!

We've been having fun with Cadence - she grabs things, chuckles, and is generally fun to be with!

Hope everyone is doing well, would like to hear about your summers!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Twelve Week Pictures

Humm, thats strange, suddenly the word twelve looks really wierd to me... Oh well, on to the regularly scheduled post :)

After so many times, I got bored with the same old pictures every week or two, so we experimented. It was... interesting... to try to pose baby and tiger without it looking strange or distorted, but here are the results. (We still did the original too of course, for comparison) There are a lot more this time around.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cadence and Daddy

I love it when Tony plays with her feet - I think it's so cute to see her teeny tiny toes cupped in the hands I love so much!

Cadence loves her Daddy! They play together, talk to each other, sing silly songs, and most of all, make fun of Mama.