About Us

It's always a bit crazy, loud, and chaotic around here, but we love the energy and enthusiasm each member of our family brings to life! We are devoted to serving Christ. We try to live a bit frugally (teacher salary, anyone?), and are unofficially homeschooling our munchkins through preschool.

This blog is mostly dedicated to posting pictures and news about the kids for my mom, who lives out of town. It also occasionally hosts deeper thoughts, about parenting, religion, and life in general. Since I love crafts, reading, and organizing, you might see a bit of those pop up every now and then. And of course, possibly the rare 'not actually homeschooling, but having fun teaching the munchkins at home because Cadence insists on having school every day and I love it anyway' post.

I'm Sally, stay-at-home wife and mom. I love my job, and am passionate about loving and teaching my munchkins. I enjoy being outside - if the weather is nice - doing crafts and art, teaching kiddos, and organizing things.  I adore thinking up projects and curriculum, and enjoy reading just about anything. I have a deep, abiding love for libraries, and, embarrassingly enough, shelving books.

Tony is my sweet and energetic husband. He loves being outside, working for God, playing with the munchkins, and all things music. He is a teacher through and through. He recently transitioned from teaching middle school band and orchestra to a new class called "Leadership." He is loving it, and gets to have a lot of fun in his classroom! He is always quick to jump in and help me with my work, and is a very hands-on Daddy.

We are currently  praying about adoption through DHS. We feel a deep desire to complete all the training and approval process, so we will be ready and available if God has another child He wants in our home. We wait with open hearts, ready to love! I may occasionally post about our journey through this process.

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