Sunday, July 31, 2016

Happy Birthday

There is a verse in Psams that talks about how God fills us with love until we burst forth in song. It always makes me think of ReC - bursting - with love, joy, songs, energy, emotions. Happy three, my sweet, sweet girl!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

My head hurts.

ReC has not stopped talking - and moving - for a solid hour. Here's a sample:

"Even two year-old's can put them heads under the water! I am learning to swim, just like Joe and Sam! Look, I can touch the fan with the hula-hoop, here you take the hula-hoop, I don't need it now. When Jamesie touch the fan, him got in trouble. Why me not got in trouble? Was him naughty, and me not naughty? Maybe I can touch the fan if I try again. Let me get the hula-hoop. Fish swim! Me can't swim yet, when me older I can swim. I am two! On my birthday, I will be 3! Sammie is 3! Three, three, three fish in a tree! What? That's silly. Fish can't go in trees, them go in water. Yesterday we went to the zoo. To see lot's of animals. Me went in the cage with the birdies, the lady said me can hold one on my hand - like  this - but him hid behind him tree. Maybe him want to eat instead? Look, I can jump so high on the trampoline! And me can jump from the third step. Jamesie can jump from the next step. Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Deutoronomy, I John, II John, THIRD JOHN! Jude, Revelation! R is for ReC, and Harmony have an R in the middle of her name. H is Harmony. R - E - C, REC! Cadence is for C. James is for J. Puh, puh, what is for P? Pat! No, Pat, no, don't sit on that! *giggle* We not supposed to hop on people. Only trampolines. Us had a pool long time time ago for me to swim in, but it broke. But me can go in Joe and Sam's. Them have only two kids in them family. Me have four! When me grow up, me can be adult. Adults can drink tea!"

And a random picture just for fun...