Thursday, June 27, 2013

Fulfilling Young Dreams {the pedestrian bridge}

Cadence's bucket list this summer had three main things on it - fly to Idaho, splash at the beach, and cross a pedestrian bridge. Since the first two were out this year, I decided we could at least fulfill her last wish!
Every time we go to Belle Isle to see Tony, or to the zoo, or to Gramma's, we see this bridge. It spans I-44, from one side of a park to another. When I first told Cadence it was for people to walk across, she was in awe. Ever since then she has obsessed about how fun it would be to cross it.
So today I surprised her. We were on our way to Belle Isle, and I exited way early.
"Mommy, why are we on this off ramp?"
"Well, you know that bridge you want to walk on?"
"I thought we would walk across it. Would you like that?"
Serious face - "Yes."
Huge grin, then giggles - "The pedestrian bridge, Mommy? Yes, Yes, YES!!!!"
They had a blast.
And I loved watching a young dream fulfilled - not to mention seeing my daughter completely unable to stop grinning.

P.S. I didn't realize how long it was... I am so thankful J is independent and wanted to walk the whole way! He was thrilled to watch the cars zooming by, and yelled "Wheee!" all the way down the hill.