Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Just for Mommy ;)

There have been complaints recently about a general lack of blogging, so here :D 

Updates - my pregnancy has vastly improved. I feel much better, and am able to be up and around. I'm currently trying to not to overdo it with the nesting. I got so far behind in everything while I was out of commission though, it's hard to stop when I need to. We've crammed in a lot more school work, and Cadence's writing and math have improved drastically. She's always been a great storyteller, but now she is starting to be able to write down her thoughts herself. ReC went through a really rough spell in January, but has been much better this month, it's been wonderful to see happy, ornery ReC again! James has become rather obsessed with math over the last month or two. I made math centers for Cadence, and he insists on doing all  of them, especially anything to do with money. He's my sweet rescuer, always eager to help out. Tony has been his usual self, doing pretty much everything around here for us. 

Writing time! They love their desks Tony converted from garage sale TV stands. 

ReC. Don't let the jacket and shoes and socks fool you. She dresses like that every day at lunch, because she loves fruit straight from the refrigerator, and it makes her cold. 

This is such a neat program! The library brings in therapy dogs, and the kids can come and read to them. Cadence has gone twice now, and loves it! It definitely fills her bucket :) James can't wait for his turn, but I'm letting him learn a bit more before he does it. 

Cadence's teacher reading to the kids. James usually spends the whole lesson time parked right there, and she includes him as much as the lesson permits. He is very excited to start kindergarten next year, and have her for his teacher  too. 

Haha. Tony and the kids made a "Mommy" snowman, and little kid snowmen. They even put a pen in the snowman's hair :p

The science museum! We've been wanting to go forever, and it was a lot of fun. We will be going back as soon as possible. 

My sweet munchkins... They love 'recess' after lunch every day. Sometimes it lasts most of the afternoon... and sometimes they get a head start before lunch, and sometimes again after supper ;)

ReC having her first Daddy teaparty. She had a lot of fun pouring tea for everyone, and Tony is so patient with them. 

Wow, poor Harmony has way fewer tummy pictures, because this pregnancy has been so limiting. This is actually the only picture we have so far - about 28 weeks. 

Wow. These kids cracks me up. And they are so cute. And they never all smile at the same time. 

This was one of the most fun things we've done. We've been going through the continents and learning about the animals who live there, biomes, and adaptations. This was for Antarctica, and we compared how blubber keeps animals warmer than just our skin. 

Love. They lie in the sunbeam to read and play. They look so sweet and innocent. 

Zoo lovers :)

Aw, look at the baby rhino following his mama :) 

James found a tiger. He's hunting. That's his fierce hunting face. Enough said.