Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day Two

I promise not every day of James' life will have it's own blog post :) The pictures do slow down after this!
Cadence loves the balloons from Gramma.

She and "Little Baby James" (from Nana) went through the balloon tunnel twenty million times.

Hearing test - passed on both sides the first time, unlike Cadence, who had to go back for a fourth test after she was discharged before she finally passed - fluid in the ear :P

Yummy - ok, gross - hospital sandwich with Mama.

I think she likes him :)

Awww... hugs!

James' 3-6 month size jacket someone bought him... Except the sleeves, it fits. Can we say really tiny toddler?


Cadence thought it was "Silly, silly, silly" to have her diaper changed on James' warmer.

The outfit Grandma Chancellor made for him to wear home. It was a bit big, but Oh! So beautiful!

Our family :)

Headed home at last!

Eek! There's two of them in there! What are we going to do now???

Home at last :) It was 10 pm by the time we got there, but it was so nice to be home!

Day One

Wow! It just occured to me James is over a week old, and I don't have any new pictures of him up for my out of town family to see! I am so sorry! I will try to catch you up over the next few days - he has changed so much, I don't want you all to miss out :D
Very First Born, Being Cleaned Up

So happy to meet you!

That's baby James!

Awww... love pats :)

Not likin' this bath thing!
I love you too :D

This part he LOVED... nice warm water on his head.

Wow - he looks like a big boy with his hair all slicked down!

James has Daddy's hair - same color, texture, weight, everything. In fact, it was the first thing the doctor said when he was born.
Whoa - check out that chin and those neck rolls!

Stop! I can't stand it anymore!

Oh... maybe it's ok :)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Forty-One Weeks - The Last in the Series

What a sweet, beautiful baby boy.

I’m struggling with mixed emotions right now. I love my little baby. I am so excited and happy to hold him in my arms. To snuggle him close. To feel his warm, soft skin, and smell his yummy newness.

Yet. Another phase of my life is over, never to return. I’ll miss my time with my first sweet baby – she’ll always be my baby, and yet. Things will never be the same.

They’ll be better. 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

James Alonzo

What are you doing to me?? I am 8lbs and I am not afraid to throw my weight around!

Where's the gun show?!?!?.... Right here!

I am 21 inches long! IF Mama and Daddy are remembering correctly, that is the same as Cadence!

This is my mommy.... She loves me... She is doing really well after a long hard labor of about 3 hrs. :)

This is my big sister Cadence..... She is excited about her brother James.... I think.

Here Cadence is thinking.... why does he get all the hair?!?!?!

Here is my proud daddy!.... I already have more hair than he does!!!!

I'm getting tired...... this has been a long day.....

My mommy LOVES taking feet pictures... here are the first photos of my feet!!