Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day One

Wow! It just occured to me James is over a week old, and I don't have any new pictures of him up for my out of town family to see! I am so sorry! I will try to catch you up over the next few days - he has changed so much, I don't want you all to miss out :D
Very First Born, Being Cleaned Up

So happy to meet you!

That's baby James!

Awww... love pats :)

Not likin' this bath thing!
I love you too :D

This part he LOVED... nice warm water on his head.

Wow - he looks like a big boy with his hair all slicked down!

James has Daddy's hair - same color, texture, weight, everything. In fact, it was the first thing the doctor said when he was born.
Whoa - check out that chin and those neck rolls!

Stop! I can't stand it anymore!

Oh... maybe it's ok :)

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