Monday, August 8, 2011

July Pictures Round Two

Hooo boy... What have we gotten ourselves into!?

She kept wanting me to take her picture. Okay. Whatever.

Yay! Tony can finally get in his room! See the pretty tile?

Cadence got hold of the camera and took about thirty million pictures of her feet.

More little people fun...

This is what Cadence loves most about Sundays. We walk in the door after church. She sees the newspaper. "BIG BIG MESS!!!!!" Then she throws the newspaper all over the floor and runs around on it.

Sometimes she gets sidetracked by a cool picture.
Picture of the choir on a random Sunday. Kayla is missing, and sometimes Melody fills in, but other than those two everyone was there.
Everything thrown in Tony's room - he's finally in, but does he have time to get things in some semblance of order??? (This was just days before school started - and yes, he got things settled in. At least, enough to make do.)
Random pictures of Cadence:

Her new favorite underwear - it says "I'm a big girl now!"
Her new trash truck shirt, which she wears every chance she gets. The only shirt that comes close is the train shirt.

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