Sunday, August 21, 2011

James Alonzo

What are you doing to me?? I am 8lbs and I am not afraid to throw my weight around!

Where's the gun show?!?!?.... Right here!

I am 21 inches long! IF Mama and Daddy are remembering correctly, that is the same as Cadence!

This is my mommy.... She loves me... She is doing really well after a long hard labor of about 3 hrs. :)

This is my big sister Cadence..... She is excited about her brother James.... I think.

Here Cadence is thinking.... why does he get all the hair?!?!?!

Here is my proud daddy!.... I already have more hair than he does!!!!

I'm getting tired...... this has been a long day.....

My mommy LOVES taking feet pictures... here are the first photos of my feet!!

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Kristina said...

He is, of course, beautiful! Congratulations!