Tuesday, July 26, 2011

More Fun With Digital Scrapbooking - And Cadence Painting

Tony says I'm addicted... I say I went three days without doing any digital scrapbooking at all, just to prove him wrong - and thought I would die from withdrawals ;)

I've discovered not only do I LOVE digital scrapbooking, I also like making my own digital supplies. I finished making another kit over the summer. I'm still not very good at it still, and don't plan to ever spend enough time designing to really be good, but it is fun to play around when I get ideas. This one was based on a cute jumper Cadence has. I liked the colors and the gears (a nice switch from flowers, eh?) so I started working on a kit with gears. Then Tony said it looked like a paint smock, so I added a whole bunch of painting stuff. It worked out great, because now I can use my own stuff to scrapbook her pictures of her painting.

It was fun to scrapbook a page with supplies I had made - here's a little sample.

And, of course, the most important parts are the pictures of Cadence ;) She had so much fun that day, and I had so much fun watching her!

To see the full kit or download it, just visit Manor Crafts :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Does This Outfit Make My Belly Look Big?!

Thirty-Six Weeks and Counting!

Shockingly, Cadence didn't want to have pictures this time, so it's just James and me. Sorry to dissapoint!

Monday, July 11, 2011

VBS 2011

Cadence had a ton of fun at her first Bible School. The theme was the Armor of God, and ever since then she won't stop talking her pieces of armor.

This is how she's been walking recently, all hyper, with her arms up and a goofy expression on her face. She loves her belt of truth - everything becomes a belt of truth, even empty cheese stick wrappers. Sigh.
The Bible is our sword of the Spirit - her sword (and later her shield) promptly lost all of its letters.
She doesn't like to wear this very much, but there are lots of other things that become "mine plates" The most popular is the buckle on her carseat.
The program. By this night she was exhausted, and her toddlerness showed itself in the form of highly distracted Cadence. The girl on the far left (bending down waving for her to come over) kept wanting her to go talk to her, and Cadence would slowly inch her way over to say hi. Then she announced she needed to go potty, and started frantincally signing potty, so I had to take her out. It was too late, but she had gone so at least she wasn't just making it up...

All her "loot."
The full armor of God - minus the shoes of peace. Every pair of shoes she sees are shoes of peace - which is why she gasped with joy when she Superman - "Sup-sup man shoes peace!!!!!"

She also says her memory verse "The Lord, mine strength, mine shield!" very enthusiastically.
Overall, Bible School, and the armor of God, was a huge success with Cadence.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Thirty-Two Weeks - Two Weeks Late Again :)

Of course, since we had the camera out, Cadence had to pose first.
 Then she decided her tiger had to be in the pictures, and we had to get a picture of his tail. Had to.
 Awww... Hugs!
 Kisses! (I'm kind of glad she doesn't hold us by the ears to kiss us...)
 Umm... whatever.
 Then she announced it was my turn, so here is James - at thirty-two weeks, which was way back on the 22nd of June.

End of June Pictures

Rain watching:

 After the storm Tony and I had to go look at the beautiful clouds.

 The hallway to Tony's room at Belle Isle:
 The band room mid-way through June:
 This is right outside Tony's room, where they will be expanding for storage space.
 This will be the new part of the building, connected by one short hallway.
 Posing according to Daddy's dictations for the next several pictures:

 Happy Father's Day!!!!

 Reading to her baby dolls - she's moved from holding them in her lap while they both look to showing them the pictures like this while she "reads".
 End of June - concrete for the new building!
 "I have to pose in this corner every time Mama gets the camera out, and demand to have my picture taken!!!!"
 Ack! Tornado Cadence came through!
 She was having a lovely time in the sprinkler...
 Until she realized she could chase me!

 Running around the living room in circles waving her sword, wearing Daddy's socks, and yelling.... over, and over, and over, and over, and over...

 The dress Mommy made me when I was little - I think it fit me a little differently, Cadence is skinny!