Friday, July 8, 2011

End of June Pictures

Rain watching:

 After the storm Tony and I had to go look at the beautiful clouds.

 The hallway to Tony's room at Belle Isle:
 The band room mid-way through June:
 This is right outside Tony's room, where they will be expanding for storage space.
 This will be the new part of the building, connected by one short hallway.
 Posing according to Daddy's dictations for the next several pictures:

 Happy Father's Day!!!!

 Reading to her baby dolls - she's moved from holding them in her lap while they both look to showing them the pictures like this while she "reads".
 End of June - concrete for the new building!
 "I have to pose in this corner every time Mama gets the camera out, and demand to have my picture taken!!!!"
 Ack! Tornado Cadence came through!
 She was having a lovely time in the sprinkler...
 Until she realized she could chase me!

 Running around the living room in circles waving her sword, wearing Daddy's socks, and yelling.... over, and over, and over, and over, and over...

 The dress Mommy made me when I was little - I think it fit me a little differently, Cadence is skinny!

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