Saturday, December 29, 2007

Snow! (and: Kamakazi Ducks)

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! We're finally back from all our many Christmas trips - each and every one was wonderful. Fun family and friends, good food, and lots of presents! (Don't play games with Ricky and Garita - inside joke)

Wednesday morning we woke up to a beautiful world of swirling white snow. After the ice storm of a few weeks ago, some good old fashioned snow was wonderful. Unfortunately, it melted within a few hours, but it was pretty while it lasted.

So... the other day I was innocently following Tony through the house - ok, ok, I was stalking him with evil intent - when all of a sudden I hear "KAMAKAZI DUCK" and this little rubber duckie comes flying around the corner and bonks me in the stomach. Poor duckie... Ever since then, two little rubber duckies keep appearing all through the house in random places. Oh the joys of two little kids in adult bodies being married to each other. :)

Monday, December 10, 2007


Well, we're iced in. A big storm came through late Saturday and has been going off and on since then. Fortunately, the roads aren't too bad, but all the schools and most businesses are closed due to power outages. Everyone has been fine, but seemingly everyone in the city (and most of Oklahoma, including up Mommy's way) is out of power except us. We have been very blessed in that we have yet to lose electricity. Tony's sister Kayla is staying the night at Mom and Dad's... The entire Catlett clan has been at Mommy's house since yesterday morning and will probably stay there until the power comes back since she has a gas stove.

We went to Texas this last weekend from Friday night to Sunday for Christmas with Mom's family. That was interesting... seemed like something traumatic happened at least once a day while we were there :) Oh well, we survived, and for the most part the kids enjoyed themselves.

No Work!
Lucky us - I love working for public schools. School was canceled today, and they've already canceled for tomorrow too!

Well, I think that's all the news for now! Ta-Ta

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Three posts a day is a little extreme, right?

Good news! We found out today that our friends Steph and Godwill are going to be having a baby boy! They are very excited (although Steph kind of wanted a girl at first) and we are happy for them. They've been calling us the Godparents :) and we'll probably treat him kind of like a nephew. Anyways, that's all for now. This is a picture of them - yep, same day same place as the picture of us.

Two of the three nieces

This is the oldest niece - Karlealyn Marie. She turned three the day this picture was taken. She's very smart and fun, and is finally getting hair.

Also pictured is her sister - Ryleann Renee. She'll be two in February. She's our little spitfire, maybe to make up for her tiny size. She's less than twenty pounds (Still not legal in her forward facing carseart!) and about twenty-two inches tall, which puts her at about 3% on the growth charts.

So now Alex is homeschooling...

Well, starting this week Mommy is homeschooling my little brother Alex. A little background information: Alex is 7, in first grade and has been through a LOT this last year or so. Actually, most of his life has had some tough bumps. But it all adds up to him having some serious emotional and coping problems. These, of course, showed themselves the most at school. He was getting in trouble every day, fighting, etc. etc. It also didn't help that his teacher didn't like him, and he didn't like his teacher. So long story short, she's homeschooling him now, and hopefully it will be what he needs to succeed.

Now, I am not one of those "Every child must be home schooled to succeed in life because public school systems absolutely cannot help anyone at all and are the root of all evil" people. I do believe, however, that homeschooling is a very viable option that should be considered, and is best, for some children. Alex is definitely one of those children. I know I was, and am thankful my parents acted on that.

I kind of consider myself a picky public school supporter. I would never send my kids to Oklahoma City Public Schools. The only two exceptions to this rule are Belle Isle Enterprise Middle School (where Tony works) and Classen School of Advanced Studies (the high school version of Belle Isle). Moore, on the other hand, has a very successful school system, where I will gladly and most definitely send my children.

Well, enough of that - we finally got a tree topper, and Tony let me put it on the tree. It'll be his turn next year :D Hope everyone is having a great last week of November!

Monday, November 26, 2007


Yippee! We finally get to listen to Christmas music!

So here's the deal: there's a jewelry store in town that has played the SAME jingle, on the SAME day, every year for over 50 years now. It's called the B.C. Clark anniversary sale jingle, and it starts playing every year on Thanksgiving... How is this relevant? you may ask. Well... growing up, Tony wasn't allowed to listen to Christmas music until after his dad heard the B.C. Clark jingle, because his dad got tired of hearing Christmas music all year long. So - when Tony and I got married, he decided his household would have that tradition too. I have a love-hate relationship with the rule... I love it when someone else wants to listen to annoying Christmas music in July... I hate it when I want to listen to annoying Christmas music in July :)

But anyhow, Thanksgiving went well, ate too much as usual, listened to Christmas music, etc. etc. Friday we went shopping at 5 in the morning... Yes, you heard that right - little miss I don't get up until at least 8 in the morning ever got up at 5 to go shopping. It was kinda fun, but I still don't like getting up that early :) We got out house mostly decorated for Christmas later that day... Great fun!

I made our tree skirt this summer - our theme is mooses and John Deere tractors. This was my first attempt at a major sewing project, and it went better than I expected.

I'm going to gradually start posting pictures of my very adorable nephews and neices. We have 5 nephews (and one due in February) and 3 neices.

This is our next to youngest nephew - Joshua Jr. He just turned 1 this month.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


These are some fairly recent pictures of Tony and I. The one of both of us is at Sulfer State Park, on top of a cliff (obviously). It rained off and on all day, so we were pretty much drenched (less obvious).

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Busy Weekends Ahead!

So here's our schedule for the weekends until January (starting last weekend):

*Please don't feel obligated to read the whole thing... its rather long :)*

Friday the 16th - Saturday the 17th: Tulsa for Thanksgiving with Mommy* and family

Monday the 19th: Blood drive 3:30 (Which I totally forgot about and therefore did not go to) Tony had to do the lights for the play at his school so we went up to Belle Isle at 6:30 and I sat and watched Alice in Wonderland while he worked (poor guy)

Today: Christmas shopping! But before that we have to get his '66 Mustang out of the garage and make sure the last tinkering fixed the water lead so he can put it back together tomorrow - it runs great, but last time they left off some sealing, so they had to take it back apart to fix that.

Wednesday: 10:00 Help Mom with the grandkids' projects. Every year she had all the grankids and their cousins (So this year there will be about 8 kids) make a project for their parents for Christmas. While I'm doing that, Tony will change the oil in the truck and put the Mustang back together.

Thursday: Sometime in the morning we'll go over to Grandma Chancellor's and eat lunch, then the girls will go to Garden Ridge and the guys will do whatever till we get back... then we'll eat leftovers and go home.

Friday: Leave at 5:00 AM to go shopping with the girls... Tony will hang out and get some much needed sleep. Evening - help Mom decorate 7:00 - Young people are getting together to practice the Christmas Play

Saturday - Meet at 10:00 to pass out Revival invitations. THEN FREE DAY!

Tuesday the 27th: Tony's Jazz Band will probably play at a basketball game.

Wednesday - Sunday: Bro. David will be bringing a revival nightly.

Saturday the 1st: Maybe go to Tulsa to help Stef and John fix their bathroom.

Friday the 7th - Saturday or Sunday: Christmas in Texas with Mom's Family

Monday the 10th: Tony's Jazz Band plays at another basketball game

Somewhere in here: Tony's string quartet plays at the mall with the Choir

Thusday the 13th: Either a band or orchestra winter concert (can't remember which)

Friday the 14th - Saturday: Christmas in Tulsa with Mommy's Family (probably)

Tuesday the 18th: The other of the band or orchestra has their winter concert

Thursday the 20th: Tony's jazz band plays at yet another basketball game - probably the last this year

Friday the 21st: Children and young people's Christmas play at church

Monday the 24th: Christmas at Grandma Chancellor's - About 50 people opening presents one at a time... you can guess how long that takes....

Late that night: Go to Tulsa

Christmas morning: Christmas with my immediate family

Christmas afternoon: Back to Moore for Christmas with Tony's immediate family

Somewhere in here: Game night with Tony's siblings

January the 5th: (I think its this weekend) Christmas with the Newberry's (Mommy's Mom's Family)

Whew! Then we get to rest from the holidays!

Hope you guys** are having a slightly less chaotic but just as fun holiday season.

*Mommy is my mom, Mom is Tony's mom... just a bit of code there :)
** Except Jill - too many baby preps and trabel plans for less chaotic!

Friday, November 16, 2007


Welcome to Chancellor Manor! With so many loved ones living far away, I thought I might use this blog as a way to catch up on life and stay in touch.