Monday, December 10, 2007


Well, we're iced in. A big storm came through late Saturday and has been going off and on since then. Fortunately, the roads aren't too bad, but all the schools and most businesses are closed due to power outages. Everyone has been fine, but seemingly everyone in the city (and most of Oklahoma, including up Mommy's way) is out of power except us. We have been very blessed in that we have yet to lose electricity. Tony's sister Kayla is staying the night at Mom and Dad's... The entire Catlett clan has been at Mommy's house since yesterday morning and will probably stay there until the power comes back since she has a gas stove.

We went to Texas this last weekend from Friday night to Sunday for Christmas with Mom's family. That was interesting... seemed like something traumatic happened at least once a day while we were there :) Oh well, we survived, and for the most part the kids enjoyed themselves.

No Work!
Lucky us - I love working for public schools. School was canceled today, and they've already canceled for tomorrow too!

Well, I think that's all the news for now! Ta-Ta


Kristina said...

I was wondering if you had school out! I didn't want to call and wake you up if you did!:)

The Catlett's said...

I'm glad you survived the ice! I've fallen victim to this whole blog thing too:

Misti C said...

OK... where's the next blog that says, "SNOW!!" :) Crazy Oklahoma weather... lol :)

See you tomorrow.