Wednesday, November 28, 2007

So now Alex is homeschooling...

Well, starting this week Mommy is homeschooling my little brother Alex. A little background information: Alex is 7, in first grade and has been through a LOT this last year or so. Actually, most of his life has had some tough bumps. But it all adds up to him having some serious emotional and coping problems. These, of course, showed themselves the most at school. He was getting in trouble every day, fighting, etc. etc. It also didn't help that his teacher didn't like him, and he didn't like his teacher. So long story short, she's homeschooling him now, and hopefully it will be what he needs to succeed.

Now, I am not one of those "Every child must be home schooled to succeed in life because public school systems absolutely cannot help anyone at all and are the root of all evil" people. I do believe, however, that homeschooling is a very viable option that should be considered, and is best, for some children. Alex is definitely one of those children. I know I was, and am thankful my parents acted on that.

I kind of consider myself a picky public school supporter. I would never send my kids to Oklahoma City Public Schools. The only two exceptions to this rule are Belle Isle Enterprise Middle School (where Tony works) and Classen School of Advanced Studies (the high school version of Belle Isle). Moore, on the other hand, has a very successful school system, where I will gladly and most definitely send my children.

Well, enough of that - we finally got a tree topper, and Tony let me put it on the tree. It'll be his turn next year :D Hope everyone is having a great last week of November!

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Eva and Danny said...

LOL...I Can understand both reasons...hehehe..I will update my blog with new christmas pics