Tuesday, July 26, 2011

More Fun With Digital Scrapbooking - And Cadence Painting

Tony says I'm addicted... I say I went three days without doing any digital scrapbooking at all, just to prove him wrong - and thought I would die from withdrawals ;)

I've discovered not only do I LOVE digital scrapbooking, I also like making my own digital supplies. I finished making another kit over the summer. I'm still not very good at it still, and don't plan to ever spend enough time designing to really be good, but it is fun to play around when I get ideas. This one was based on a cute jumper Cadence has. I liked the colors and the gears (a nice switch from flowers, eh?) so I started working on a kit with gears. Then Tony said it looked like a paint smock, so I added a whole bunch of painting stuff. It worked out great, because now I can use my own stuff to scrapbook her pictures of her painting.

It was fun to scrapbook a page with supplies I had made - here's a little sample.

And, of course, the most important parts are the pictures of Cadence ;) She had so much fun that day, and I had so much fun watching her!

To see the full kit or download it, just visit Manor Crafts :)

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