Monday, August 8, 2011

July Pictures Round One

Whoa - where did July go? Oh well, just that much closer to cool weather! Here are pictures from our month :)

Cadence in full armor - she still loves her armor, especially the belt and sword.
She came out of her room like this that morning. I guess she decided she would need a hat to eat her yogurt.
Cadence has discovered card games. She likes memory and go fish.

This was a nightly ritual for a long while. The little people ("poop poop") would line up nice and neat and polite to wait their turn at the goldfish bowl.

Then they would be allowed, one at a time, to gather round the bowl and eat goldfish.
This was the month of discovering ponytails. Now she begs to have ponytails every time we brush our hair.

We also discovered card games. She loves go fish best - "Go fish, me!"

Our first family tea party. Since it was a set of four, teddy bear had to come too.

Cadence and Tony LOVED tea party... although Tony was done a little sooner than Cadence :D

The end of zipper pajamas - she outgrew this size, and since she is potty training I just let her wear two piece now. Where is my baby going????

Our vacuum died, so Cadence got to work on it. Give the child a screwdriver, and she is happy and content forever. Give me a vacuum and someone to use it for me (Thanks Tony!), and I am happy and content forever.

Tony's room toward the end of July - our faith really wasn't very inspired that they would have it ready for school to start, but they did - kinda.

This part isn't finished, so his room is all one big open room. Supposedly he will have an office and instrument storage sometime in December. We'll see.

Ah, young love. What is it with money, anyway???

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