Saturday, June 27, 2009


We have a sure-fire way of making Cadence mad - just put her on her stomach. She hates to be on her stomach. She always has. It's kind of weird, but oh well! As a result, she doesn't do many of the milestones that require being on her stomach. I do try every day, but it only lasts like a minute before she starts wailing and eating the floor/blanket/etc. In this progression of pictures you can see her gradually getting madder and madder... It ended, as usual, in her crying and throwing a fit, and me picking her up.

On the other hand, she will play laying on her back or sitting up forever. This morning she played on her playmat for an hour. She likes to grab stuff, and likes to sing and do action rhymes. She can pretty much sit up by herself now (we have to hold her hands so she can balance herself) and she'll also stand up for a long time. But if you ever want to see her tonsils - just put her on her stomach!

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