Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Flower Beds, Etc.

Wow - its impossible to believe summer is almost half over already! I thought sure we would have some time to just chill (or, swelter, since its a billion degrees and three thousand percent humidity - no exageration!), but we've been going, going, going the last few weeks. Oh well, we have had some pretty relaxing days at home in the midst of all the crazies.

We've been loving our garden and flower bed. I took this picture of the flower bed about two weeks ago. Now that things are really growing, I see lots of things I planted in the wrong place, but at least things seem to be thriving! Next year I will put the marigolds in front of the petunias :)

The garden has been great. We've had a little bit of everything, although our full size tomato plants haven't ripened yet - lots of little greens ones working their way bigger though! I don't have recent pictures... but I do have a picture of our first meal 'from the garden.' The only storebought thing was the sausage - and it was all yummy!

We've been having fun with Cadence - she grabs things, chuckles, and is generally fun to be with!

Hope everyone is doing well, would like to hear about your summers!

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