Friday, March 13, 2009

Cadence Pictures Round Two

I expect most of our posts will be about Cadence for a little while... I wonder why? ;) She kind of rules the roost right now!
Here she is one of the few times she was awake those first days in the hospital:

Mama holding her:

Back to sleeping - she slept a lot the first several days. The first night home from the hospital was scary, because she actually cried all night and we hadn't really heard her cry all that much yet. But after that she still did pretty good, she would actually sleep several hours at a time, even at night. Having her hearing tested - it looks scary and wierd, but its not, they just play soft beeps into her earphones and measure the brainwaves in response. It's totally worth it to get intervention early if there is a problem, which thankfully there's not:
Nana holding her in her going home outfit: Gramma holding her in her going home outfit:

Papa holding her:
The grandmas trying to figure out how to fit all the nice stuff we got onto the cart so we would only have to make one trip in the elevator:

Cadence all bundled up and ready to face the outside for the first time:

1 comment:

Kristina said...

I understand that her tongue sticks out at people quite a bit. But, she comes by it honestly.
Of course, she's much cuter when she does it. Thanks for the pictures!