Thursday, May 27, 2010

Kristina's Birthday Present

I finally finished Kristina's birthday presents! They were a ton of fun to make. The bag was especially fun and challenging because I got to design the pattern and then see if it worked (it did!) Check the crafts page in about a week - I'm going to try to post the instructions. It was based on the Nantucket Bagg. The Knitting Needle Roll Up I made using the tutorial on this page.

So I had a ton of fun - and Kristina got some of the supplies she'd been wanting (only a month-and-a-half late for her birthday!)

The Knitting Bag:

Lots of Pockets!

Its completely reversible with a drawstring top/handle:

It unzips all the way to lay flat:

The Knitting Needle Roll Up:

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