Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Zoo Trip and Last of May Pictures

The last day of school I took Cadence to the zoo to see the new baby elephants before the summer rush.

She had so much fun the whole time we were there. For some reason she was really impressed the gorilla was sitting down, and loved ALL the monkeys.

Until this one "attacked" her. She was sitting there, and they were waving at each other, and the orangutang came running over and put his hand on the glass by her face. Eek! After she finished crying she went back over there and waved bye-bye, so there were no hard feelings :)

She LOVED the elephants. For the next several weeks she couldn't stop talking about the 'big BIG' elephants, and made trumpeting sounds, and told her stuffed animals all about the big big baby.

One of her favorite stops was the ducks, fish and turtles. Sometimes I think she just likes the word turtle.

Of course, the tigers were a hit too... how could they not be?

Sweet or ornery...?
This is how Cdence stands still - with her feet always moving.

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