Monday, July 9, 2012

A Short Summer Vacation

We were planning to just stay home this summer. At the end of the school year, Cadence announced, "I want to go on vacation to see Grandpa in Texas." Ok. Only two-and-a-half hours in the car, staying overnight with a relative instead of in a hotel, and spending time with someone we rarely get to see. We can handle that. So we did. It just so happened that Kristina and her family were going to be in Texas too this summer, so we timed it to swing down their way and see them for a few hours 'on our way' back home. Tony's Mom went with us, to keep us company and visit Grandpa.

Kazoos! I don't think the people in the front appreciated this, but the kids LOVED it. Score one for Mommy ;)

Cadence can't read in the car, but for some reason coloring and writing doesn't make her sick, so she got to try out her newly discovered tracing skills.

Hanging out in Grandpa's living room. Random side note, one of the best parts of visiting Grandpa is that he always puts pop in the fridge for us. Cold Coke rocks!
Tony also got to spend some time with just Grandpa, visiting the local museum and looking at old cars. I was glad they got to do that, and just talk to each other without the kids interrupting for once.

The playroom. Ok, fine, that's just what Cadence called it. Really it's where Grandpa sits to watch TV and visit.

This was kinda funny. Mom brought sparklers, and we didn't have anything to light them with. Grandpa had matches, but we couldn't find ANYTHING they would light on. Finally Grandpa ran to the store and bought a lighter.

While he was gone, the kids played in the fish pond again. Earlier Grandpa told Cadence, you should get a little swimming pool for your backyard. Cadence said, Yeah! And I should get some little orange fish to put in it, and a little pump to make the water go!

James had fun while we were there. He liked all the new toys, and kept grinning at Grandpa like he had found a long-lost friend.

I ADORE Grandpa's front porch. It's huge and old and beautiful.

The kids were just getting over colds, so they were a LOT fussier than usual while we were there. Therefore, we took what we could get and moved on for a family picture :)

Grandpa finally got back with the lighter! Cadence really liked the 'sparkles'. She never did go too wild, but she waved them around, did some marching, and a whole lot of grinning!

James like the sparlers too, I held him and did it with him. Unfortunately, I was also holding the camera, so I didn't get any pictures :( Mom got some, so hopefully I'll be able to steal hers.

Some new babies to play with.

Cadence's 'new friend' Dominic. He's nine now (Can you believe it?) and was very sweet to play with her and even hold her hand. She has been pretending to be him all week now :)

Kristina cheesing for us, and Gary talking to James :D

"Brrrrrrrrrrmmmmmmm.........." Anything with wheels. I tell ya'.... He loved having a new adoring audience to pander to :)

Xavier. He let her watch him play his game, which instantly made them friends for life in Cadence's book. And ever since, James has been Xavier.

I can't believe I didn't manage to snag a picture of Gabriel! That's ok, just look at Tony, apparently he is Gabriel now. "Mommy, which one was the tall brother?" "Gabriel." "Oh. Daddy is Gabriel." Ha!

We managed to survive the ride home, just barely. The kids were tired and cranky, and ready to be home, so they cried quite a bit, but we made it! We've been in recovery ever since ;)

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