Sunday, September 9, 2012

Growth and Change

Wow - this weekend showed huge growth and changes for my J buddy. First, he decided (with a little help) that it was ok to go back to sleep with only a little loving from mama in the night. Then, he outgrew his pjs - fortunately we foresaw that problem and got him the next size up for his birthday. 

Then.... He weaned himself. Suddenly. Abruptly. Thoroughly. Thursday and Friday he nursed his usual 8-10 times daily. Friday night he flat out REFUSED to nurse. The end. I knew he would be ok if I gradually weaned him. I did NOT expect him to suddenly go cold turkey.  I did manage to coax him to nurse a tiny bit so it wouldn't seem so abrupt - two and a half times in two and a half days.

Mama is sad. She misses her baby. 

And Mama is extremely glad. That was the easiest weaning I could ever imagine. 

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Carrie Helm said...

David did this last week too! Just flat out stopped. I have mixed feelings too. Sad that he's not a baby and our snuggly time is cut down a lot, but happy that it was easy and I don't have to worry about what lotion I use anymore. Ha!