Monday, July 15, 2013

What a Beautiful Day!

No words can express how sweet today has been. We've been going like crazy - play dates, doctor appointments major home projects, errands galore, etc. It's been ok, we've coped, but we needed some downtime!

Today has been rainy. Cool. Relaxing. Peaceful. Refreshing.
We started by watching the rain in the sunroom/playroom. Then we played stuffed animals. Then we read books. Then we played sick baby, which involves a lot of lying in Cadences bed pretending to spit up, with J dashing off to wash the spit up bucket for us every few minutes. Then the kids played while I did some housework.

Next was an early lunch, followed by painting. While I cleaned up the paint, they dashed outside to "run like bunny rabbits" through the rain and puddles.
After that we had to warm up, so we snuggled under blankets to eat a snack and read books. Now Jamesie is snuggled up with me to get sleepy while Cadence plays with a puzzle.

P.S. About those paintings... Kristina, they painted them for your wall - but I love them. Unfortunately, I already told Cadence what they were for, and she painted it FOR you, so I can't really steal them. I will be scanning them to keep a copy once they dry though :)
I asked Cadence what she was going to paint and she was pretty ambitious. A sky, with a grassy mountain reaching up to the sky, a sun with sun beams, stars, a pink flower with a purple stem, a tree, Cadence, and Dominic. J wanted lots if colors, and "paint, paint, everywhere!"

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Kristina said...

Oh, the number of times that happens to me, and with my own art!!! I'm currently working on a piece of art for a friend, and I LOVE it! I'm going to have a very difficult time giving it to her. I'm thinking I may get a print made of it- for her or me is the question.