Sunday, August 18, 2013

Newborn Pictures {Ruth Ellen} and a Family Update :)

Little Ruth Ellen (a.k.a. ReC) has continued to be a sweet little baby. She is a decent sleeper - for a baby! - eats well, and in between loves to look around and be talked to. She even lets her siblings hold and explore her without fussing, which is good, since they are quite adoring! 

We've just been taking things easy, resting when possible, and spending as much time just being a family as we possibly can. I've been so thankful God gave me the energy and strength during my pregnancy to organize and prepare in advance so we can enjoy these first few weeks. 

I've been healing quite well. This time has been the easiest recovery so far, so even though I still feel tired and not quite my usual bouncy self, I have been feeling good! I also haven't had nearly as many problems adjusting to sharing time between children this time, and coping with having to delay one child's needs to attend another's - hopefully we got all that drama over with when James came along! My mantra has been "Let it go - go with the flow!" and it has made a huge difference.

Tony went back to work on Thursday. This is his first year to teach in a regular classroom. He loved band and orchestra, and still feels a passionate love for music, but when his school created a new leadership class, he really felt it would be wonderful to teach it. It's been quite a transition for him, but it looks like he's going to love it! 

The older children are doing quite well. They both love having their very own baby, and take their roles as big siblings / helpers very seriously. Cadence is always willing to hold ReC, and has even given her bottles. James doesn't hold her as much, but he likes to help burp her and is always bringing me diapering supplies. Of course there has been a bit more fussing and acting up than usual, but not in any extreme quantities, thankfully! 

These pictures were taken in the hospital the day we came home:

Ok, I'll be honest. These crack me up! ReC is such a wiggle worm, trying to take her picture while she was awake was like... I don't even know. Crazy. She kept trying to eat everything, and we got some pretty funny expressions. I didn't post all the goofy ones (sorry Gramma!) but here are a few...

And of course another picture of her feet... Tony says I'm obsessed.

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