Thursday, November 21, 2013

Random Funny Things {Because It's Been a While Since I Posted}

Sunday morning in church James told me Bro. David was going to cry "Wah! Wah!"....
...Because he didn't have any dinosaurs on his tie like James did.

That evening Cadence said she wanted to eat at Jack in the Box, and James announced he was going to go to the mailbox and eat a package.

Cadence was recounting her dentist appointment to Tony, and was telling him all about getting X-Rays. I said, "She didn't even complain about the cards poking her mouth!"... To which she replied, with an eye-roll, "That's because my mouth was full, I couldn't complain!"

Cadence likes to pretend she is a cat, who lives with Morwen in the Enchanted Forest. The other day Tony was trimming trees, so she was Murgatroyd in the azalea bushes. 

ReC likes to scoot on her back. I'll put her on the playmat and she just scoots right off, backwards.

ReC is also incredibly ticklish, so she busts up laughing every time I zip her PJ's. It's great.

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