Friday, February 7, 2014

Favorite Toys & Activities for Munchkins - Under 6 Months

Because I felt like making a random list, and because Mommy keeps complaining about my lack of blogging:

1. Pat-a-Cake - Sit with baby on your lap and wiggle their arms (or legs!) around while you sing nursery rhymes.
2. Ointment tubes - think diaper rash ointment, or really anything they see adults using.
3. Lids to plastic containers, such as small bowls - These are great because they're almost always handy, and the edges are super easy for baby to grab.

4. Ribbon or Yarn Balls - gather up some scraps of ribbon and tie them together. Instant entertainment.

5. Playmat - These are great for hanging a variety of toys above the baby for them to grab or bat at.
6. Toys that sing or play music
7. Being read books with bright pages
8. Walking around the house in your arms while you talk about what you see - this has been all three of my babies' favorite thing.
9. Rattles and other toys with very slender handles - these are easiest for them to grip, since they can clench the whole handle in their fist
10. Plastic rings - they're not just awesome for attaching other toys to things, they actually are toys, too!

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