Saturday, December 19, 2015

Baby Pecan Ultrasound

We had our last ultrasound Tuesday. Baby Pecan is super healthy looking, and was very cooperative! They were actually running ahead of schedule, so the tech took me back and started with the 'boring' stuff until Tony got there. Cadence went back with me, and just about combusted waiting for Daddy to show up. As soon as he got there, we started looking for a gender. At first all we could see were two little legs firmly pressed together, and then a little hand poking down in the way. So we poked my tummy a bit, and... SHE shifted into perfect view.

Yup, another girl!

James was a bit frustrated at first, but not overly so. We are all excited to welcome our new wee one, and so thankful she let us see so we could stop wondering! I have to confess, I will probably cry the whole time I'm packing up the baby boy things to donate - it just seems so hard to believe we will never use them again!

As I mentioned, she was very cooperative through the whole ultrasound. We got to see five distinct fingers on the hand she was waving around, all her toes, and her little bitty muscles as she flexed.

We also have a name, finally! We let the children have their way with her middle name, since they've been begging for this name for a year or two. She will be Harmony Rose... and here she is!

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