Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Harmony 6 Month Pictures

It's hard to believe this sweet girl is six months old already! She is so sweet and laid back, just totally chill about life. She spends her entire day playing, bumbling around wherever we happen to be. She crawls, pulls up, and cruises (slowly). She jabbers a lot, and loves to be in the midst of lots of action. She plays until she just can't stay awake anymore, then starts saying 'nigh-nigh!' and fussing. If you sit and rock her then she's asleep in minutes. Crazy girl just doesn't like to stop till she's completely wiped out! Most of the time she would much rather be on the floor than in someone's arms, but thankfully she does still snuggle sometimes - and she gives wide open mouthed, slobbery kisses. 

She also has a very ornery smile, apparently. It's either ornery or full blown laughing, not usually any sweet in between smiles :) 

Coming for the camera... 

These remind of pictures of myself at this age...

When you are six months old, you get white onesie pictures, and rocking chair pictures :) 

The only sitting still picture I managed!  

Waving bye-bye... not sure why :) 

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