Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Here are some pictures to go with the Catch-Up blog. They're not anywhere close to in order, but I'll caption them so you'll know what they are.

This is Mommy on her birthday in April.
This is Alex, looking onery as usual. They came to visit us sometime over the summer, and we had just gotten out of the pool, so his hair is all spikey.

This is on our camping trip in June. I think technically baby peanut was camping with us :)

Godwill, Steph, and Makanaka on our camping trip. Tony, Godwill, and Makanaka all ended up with walking sticks, but Makanaka didn't like his.

This is a recent picture of Will - he's changed a lot since the hospital pictures huh?

This is the class I was in at Bible School. I like the youngest class - they fit my maturity level best.

This is Makanaka sprawled out on Tony's lap. It must have been more comfortable than it looked, he stayed there forever.

This is us on our trip to Eureka Springs. We went to a really cool wildlife refuge that specialized in big cats. Baby peanut is definately with us on this trip.

This is what my flower bed looked like in very early June. Now all the plants are huge and overflowing the bed - unfortunately, so are the weeds.

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