Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Playing Catch-Up

Okay, first of all, allow me to acknowledge it has been six months since my last post. I apologize profusely :) I shall diligently endeavor to swiftly recap all the stuff that has happened since then. Here goes:

-Nothing that I remember (how was that for brevity?)
-By this time, Baby Will is thriving and growing at a tremendous rate

-Unfortunately, April seems to be holding true as a sad chapter in the progress of each year. At the beginning of April, my Uncle Phillip passed away in a motorcycle accident. His family is doing well considering, but of course could still use your thoughts and prayers.
-Stephanie and Godwill's baby, Makanaka, was born

-We got a new camera (Yay!)
-School let out for the summer
-Kari had surgery on her ankle. Everything went well, and she is doing great.
-I started my first flower bed. It did great until July, when I started severly neglecting it. Some of the flowers have lived in spite of themselves, but the poor dears have definately been abused.
-I went to Branson with Mommy, Auntie, and Alex

-Vacation Bible School
-Camping with Steph, Godwill, and Makanaka
-We went on a short vacation to Eureka Springs, and while we were there, we found out I'm pregnant! Since Tony is always giving me tigers for special occasions, I got him a cute daddy tiger holding a baby tiger as my way of telling him the news. At this point, I felt totally great and normal.

-Started getting sick with the baby. This note pretty much dominated July and the beginning of August.

-Finally got to see Mommy, for the first time since getting pregnant. Since I couldn't drive two miles in the car without throwing up, driving to Tulsa before this point seemed a little daunting :)
-Back to school for Tony and I! I will probably keep working until January-ish, for all of you who are wondering :)

-We celebrated our second anniversary yesterday. As my gift, I didn't throw up all day long!
-Today, we got to hear our baby's heartbeat for the first time. This was very exciting for both of us! :)

Well, thats all the catching up for now - I might try to post some pictures later, if my internet connection will let me. Tata!


Chad & Lesa said...

Congratulations!! I had stopped looking at your blog, but for some reason I looked at it today and saw the good news! When's your due date? Again, Congrats!!

Sally said...

We are due March 6th, so it will be a while, but we're excited :)

Kristina said...

Hey, tard (I'm talking to myself there) you forgot to tell Sally happy anniversary yesterday. Ahem... Happy Anniversary!!!! Love you guys.

Rosalie said...

I about fell over! Not one update, but two!!

Hope you get over that sickness stuff soon. That is definitely no fun.

Misti C said...

Wow! Lots of updates... cool! :)

I'm with Rosalie... hopefully you get past the sick part, soon. That doesn't sound very fun.

Love ya,