Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Baby Shower Pictures

Ok, ok, I know, lots of posts in one day, but thats because we don't have internet at home anymore, so I have to do everything in one trip :)
Our shower at church was hosted by Linnie, Stephanie, Teresa, and Joanna. They did a beautiful job with everything! We had lots of guests and tons of presents, and played fun games like pinning the wash on the line while holding the baby and talking on the cell phone. I beat Tony, but only by a little bit :)

This was the front of the shower invitation, and all the flowers from the tables combined into one vase.
This is a cool view of the decorations on each table. There were all sorts of pretty colors - green, pink, purple...

Tony kindly displayed one of the onesies each table was supposed to decorate. They turned out really cute!

All the food was yummy, as was the cake.

Here we are, all laughing our way through the challenge of multi-tasking!

Presents were last, and we had tons of them! All the pretty packages at the shower (above) translated into a very full baby room at home (below)!

Thank you everyone - for all you do for us!

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