Thursday, October 15, 2009

Another controversial post inspired by the book "Ideas That Changed the World"...

I hope no one is offended by this post. Its purpose is not to offend or cast down. I do not look down on women who work outside the home, or take advantage of their rights in other ways. In fact, I admire their strength and courage. So remember – this post is not in criticism of liberty – it is in the defense of freedom to choose.

The early women’s rights movement was valid and much needed. It ensured women received rights equal to men in voting, free speech, and pursuit of happiness. However, after those basic rights were established, the suffrage movement went too far in their efforts to prove women’s capabilities. The modern Women’s Liberation Movement has created less liberty and more work for women of America.

The ‘Women’s Lib’ movement has created more work for women. Women have fought hard to earn the right to work outside the home. They have worked hard to be recognized as equal in many fields of work. But working outside the home hasn’t given them more liberty – it has only added to their work. Most women who work for someone else have to come home and still do housework and taking care of children. Usually there is no one else to step up and fill this role. And so, since most women don’t like living in a messy house, they clean, even though they have worked all day. They take care of their children, because they love them and want to see them well cared for, even if they are tired from working all day. The cycle continues, women wanting to be equal, and instead creating more and more work for themselves.

Women and men are equally responsible for this more work, less liberties phenomena. Many say everything is the man’s fault. At one time women were to blindly obey and have no say in home or nation. We look back and say, men of those times were too controlling. Now, women must compete in the work world and still keep up with housekeeping and childcare. Therefore, men must be lazy and demanding. In reality, women have just as much responsibility for this recent situation as men do. Women who want less work have several options available, but they are frequently too prideful to avail themselves of these opportunities. Those who would be willing to consider these options often don’t think of them, because the Women’s Liberation Movement has totally removed them from a woman’s mindset. An overworked woman could quit work, stay home and take care of her house and children, using the time this would free up to pursue things that make them happy. Women whose jobs are what make them happy could ask their husbands for help around the house, or consider hiring someone to do the mundane chores required to keep a household running smoothly. If this is not an affordable option, yet the woman in question feels tired and rundown all the time, then working outside the home, no matter how enjoyable, is probably not her best option for pursuing happiness.

A final unforeseen side effect of Women’s Liberation is women are now looked down upon if they act in a feminine manner. We, as a society, have trained ourselves to picture ‘strong’ women in a certain way. The strong woman is something like this: She is serious, hardworking, dresses in suits and masculine clothing, is too mature to be seen nurturing her children in a relaxed, carefree manner, and certainly does not spend her time slaving over a hot stove. In reality, it is every bit as rewarding and shows every bit as much strength of character for a woman to behave femininely. A skirt or dress, a flattering top, long or prettily fixed hair does not make a woman any less intelligent and strong – but when we see these things, we automatically think less of the lady. A woman who nurtures her children in a natural way, by staying home with them during the day, by playing with them outside, by nursing them, by simply enjoying taking time to rock them or sing to them – without it being educational, or designated quality time – is seen as frivolous. In reality, this woman is working hard to be a sweet friend and influence her child can look up to and rely on for guidance throughout life. Before women’s lib, a woman who worked outside the home was viewed with respect for taking care of life’s necessities, and a woman who did not work outside the home was viewed with just as much respect, because it was recognized that this was needed also. Now, society is so used to women working, they are surprised, and sometimes a little displeased, when they hear of a woman not working outside the home. Many stay-at-home moms are viewed as just a little backwards. In this way, the women’s liberation has taken away a woman’s liberty to choose how they live and not be looked down upon.

Women are fully capable of doing what is generally considered ‘men’s work’ – but to what end? Before, women cooked, cleaned, took care of the babies, and used their leisure time pursuing what made them happy. Now, women get up, cook, clean, take care of the babies, take the babies to daycare, and spend all day working for someone else. Then they must come home and do all the cooking and cleaning and taking care of babies they didn’t have time to do during the ‘work’ day. What have they gained? More work – less freedom, less liberty.

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