Thursday, October 8, 2009

Lovin' the Deals

I love coupons! I love rebates!

I’ve really been enjoying shopping with coupons and saving money. It makes shopping so much more fun when you know you are getting things free – or even being paid to buy them! Here are some of my recent good deals.

Kraft foods has a coupon / rebate booklet on their website they will send you. Its all for junk food, so if you don’t eat junk food, don’t bother J We do eat, so I got it. Using the coupons and the rebate (which is get $20 back when you buy 20 items) we got ten boxes of crackers and cookies, five Easy Macs, and five boxes of Capri Suns – FREE!!!!

Rosalie told me about an SC Johnson rebate for $5 if you buy three items. There are several things on the list I buy anyways, so I decided to do it. On my shopping list today, I needed Shout (babies create so many stains!) and gallon freezer baggies. I had coupons from the newspaper for both items, and buy one get one free for Ziploc baggies, and a $0.55 off for the Shout. They happened to be on sale at Wal-Mart for $2.12 and $2.00, respectively. Normally I would just buy the Wal-Mart brand baggies, but with my coupon, Ziploc was much cheaper (even without the rebate!). So – I bought the baggies and the Shout for $3.57. A pretty good deal right? BUT – I had my rebate too. So for having bought these items I’M BEING PAID $1.43!!!!

At the beginning of the school year all the school supplies started showing up in the ads, and I started getting really jealous. I love school supplies – I love school supply shopping! But, alas, I had no one to shop for. So Tony told me I could buy supplies to give to Apple Creek and Belle Isle. So – I got two backpacks and filled them with all the supplies on the list for Kindergarten and first grade at Apple Creek and also bought all the supplies for sixth grade at Belle Isle. I was pretty impressed with some of my finds – I got school supplies for three (plus some extras to keep at home) for less than $60 – and about $20 of that was because some of the binders had to be specific colors – sigh, oh well, it was so much fun!!!!

There have been some other good deals off and on – and I’m lovin’ lovin’ loving it!

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