Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Sick Toddler's Point of View

Cadence has been sick the last week or so. She is pretty much well now, but WOW! The whole time she was sick I was hit over and over with how different and grown up she is now that she's a toddler! We'd be going along, and BAM! "Whoa, she's a big girl, not my little teeny baby anymore!"

Take for instance sleeping. When my baby was sick and couldn't sleep, I would bring her to bed with me and she would nurse all night. Lazy, I know, but at least we were both getting some rest so we could handle the day ahead of us! When my toddler is sick and can't sleep... we have to make a pallett on the floor, and Mama has to be right there beside Cadence, not actually snuggling, but close enough to reach over and touch while Cadence thrashes around on the floor trying to get comfortable. Then when she finally falls asleep, if she wriggles too much and accidently touches Mama, she wakes up again! So I had to lay there until she was asleep, then sneak out to go to bed.

Then there were the goldfish. She would not do anything without her goldfish while she was sick. She carried them around everywhere and always had one in her mouth. Sigh. At least she picks them up and puts them back in the bowl when she spills them. Isn't she great?

So anyway, here are some pictures of our little sicko, with captions from her point of view... or at least, my interpretations :)

When you're sick you get to play on the front porch in your pj's. And eat goldfish. And drink yummy milk. Hmm... this isn't too bad.

Oooh! Mama left her tea where I could reach it!
See, if you want to get away with something like sticking your hand in Mama's drink, you just get this onery smirk, and she'll be too busy laughing to stop you!

Look, Mama's sleeping on the floor with me! (A note from Mama: It was so funny watching her learn to sleep while she was sick. She wanted me close but not actually cuddling, so she would wriggle around, then reach out and pat me, then wriggle some more. Then she grabbed my arm and draped it over her stomach and started rubbing my arm... that's how she finally asleep. Kind of soothing for me too :))

Ok guys, see, music makes everything better... and lying on Mama's big pillow... well, that's good too.
And when you're sick, you must, I repeat must, take your goldfish with you everywhere. Otherwise, they will disappear and you will never get better. It's true! At least, I think it is...

Oh, and when Mama takes your clothes off to get you dressed, you must immediately rush to the kitchen, open the pantry, and get the bag of noodles out. Very important people!
Then, since they are your favorite, you have to eat a few.

If you are feeling generous, you may share with your baby doll. But no one else, just the baby!

Then you need to play outside a little while.

And try to be forebearing while Mama takes ten million pictures, trying to get a good one of your cute little hands with the long, long fingers. *Sigh*

Ok, next on the agenda is a little work. You don't want to fall behind, and since being a toddler is very busy stuff, you have to really push it.

You have to type, adjust the screen, and click with the mouse.

Have I mentioned it is hard, busy work to be a toddler? You should try it sometime.

Alright, Ok, Next - twenty million baths are completely, utterly needed.

Oh, and while I was in the bathtub, I found out I have my Mama's OCD.

Lining up the shampoo bottle just right, on a washrag I've spread completely smooth, is after all, very soothing.

Ah, it's gonna splash!

Ok, I'm rotton. But hey, I'm cute!

I like to do this because it creeps Daddy out. I pretend it's because I like it, but really... we all know Daddy makes great faces when he's ooged out.

You also have to experiment with a new artform - watercolors! That will be in a new post though... lots of pictures, and Mama's fingers are probably getting tired.

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