Saturday, August 28, 2010


Cadence really loved experiementing with this new art medium. Thank you Miss Waddell!

Her favorite parts were carrying all the supplies around...
Opening the box, putting the paints in the box, shutting the box, opening the box, taking the paints out of the box, shutting the box, opening... you get the point :)

She did, however, love the painting part also - she decided her head was the perfect canvas.

Then the paint brush wasn't fast enough, so out came the fingers.

But wait, the paint brush might work ok after all!
The next best part was the water. Ok, maybe the water was the best part. She swished the paint brush about twenty million times, then just dumped all the water out to splash in.

Yummy paint brush!
This is so fun! Thanks for letting me play Mama!

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