Thursday, September 2, 2010

Down Memory Lane

Things I will always love to remember...

Sitting next to Nonnie in her rocker while she read to Matt and me.

Alex flushing his army men down the toilet because "They were bad!"

Driving my first car, experimenting with the clutch, watching my hand on the stick shift in the dark.

Drinking hot chocolate in Grand Pappy's p.j.'s while we waited for our snow clothes to dry so we could go play outside again.

Kristina taking me to the little pizza parlor after kindergarten many, many times.

Papa standing on the bed in a hotel in Dublin to bang on the ceiling, because it looked like concrete and he wanted to see if it was structural or decorative.

Laying on the floor in the living room with Alex, cracking up over some nonsense words we had just made up.

Getting my first email from Tony, and being nervous to even open it.

Making spaghetti for the first time with Mommy.

Watching Papa dive face-first into a plate of salad in an almost deserted restaurant.

Eating cookie dough in Frank III's bedroom, the four of us piled on his bed.

Sitting next to the same bed playing with paintbrushes after Frank III showed me how to twirl them around on the paper to make circles.

Josh leading us cousins through grass over our heads on an adventure when we first moved to Collinsville.

Working endlessly on the Poggin' Pool with Matt and Stef.

Climbing on top of the barn to play with my imaginary cowboy friend named Sam.

Kristina coming to eat lunch with me at school while she was home on leave, and being so proud of my big sister.

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