Monday, November 1, 2010

Our Schedule These Days

Cadence pretty much dictates our schedule - at least through the morning and afternoon. I let her sleep as late as she will (I don't wake her up. Ever. Unless Absolutely Necessary.) I nurse her, then she plays in her room with the door shut while I take my shower. We then get dressed, start a load of laundry if needed and eat breakfast. This whole process takes about 1 1/2 hours.
We nurse again. Then it's free time. We usually spend most of this hour and 15 minutes outside - going for a walk, eating a snack on the front step, playing in the yard, whatever. Or we'll come inside and play with toys, listen to music, read books, etc. If we have a not so busy week, we will work on a toddler theme. I hope to do a post about those soon - they are fun!
We nurse again. Exercise time! Usually this is just my own little routine with the music on and Cadence playing, dancing and using me as a jungle gym while I work out. I don't "officially" work out every day, but this time of music and active play happens pretty much every day. Next is lunch, followed by....
We nurse again. Naptime!
During naptime I do very important things like saving the world, blogging, playing Frontierville (curse that game!), dishes, cleaning, laundry, phone calls, menu planning, grocery list making, etc...
We nurse again. Tony comes home. Supper, then Tony and Cadence play while I clean up the dishes. This gives them some one-on-one time, and gives me a chance to start the next day fresh, without piles of cruddy dishes to wear me down.
We nurse again. (That happens a lot still, can you tell? Just think - this is after eliminating three nursing sessions!) Then we go for a family walk, and play.
We nurse again. Then bathtime! Cadence loves her bath and usually stays in there 30-45 minutes. While she's in there she eats, sometimes fruit, sometimes turkey lunchmeat. It's the only time she will actually eat a significant amount of food. After bath, we have devotions and prayer, then we put on our Pj's and say night-night to Daddy.
We nurse again. Then I lay Cadence down in her crib and leave the room, making sure all the lights are off so she will actually go to sleep. She jabbers, sings, and giggles for about 15-45 minutes, then falls asleep. Is it my turn to go to sleep yet?

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