Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Recent Trip to Tulsa

We had so much fun visiting Mommy, Alex, Josh, JoJo, Auntie... you get the point :)
 Cadence really loved playing outside.
 With Uncle Alex. Have I mentioned she LOVES Uncle Alex?
 This brought back memories. I think all the kids to ever be in this back yard have used the storm cellar door to climb up and slide down. She delighted in making me nervous by climbing along the very edge. Could she not have climbed in the middle?!
 Ok, I apologize to the self-conciese Cadence of the future, but this picture cracks me up.
 Do you see what my dear sweet child is chugging?
 It's lime juice. Uncle Alex was encouraging her. And, well, ok, probably Mommy and I laughing encouraged her too.
 Then she got the lemon juice. She made really funny faces - and then she just kept on chugging!
 "Yum, I like this sour stuff!"

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