Saturday, February 5, 2011

Some Pictures

Here are some random pictures from December and the very beginning of January - right up to the tragic moment I killed our camera... AAAAGH! I'm going to have to steal pictures from everyone else of Christmas events not at our house, since I never bothered to take any :)

Here is Cadence helping get the Pelletier boys' Christmas ready. She carefully placed the tissue paper inside, then colored the label for the box.

Here we are making snowflakes. She tore hers, I cut mine.
 Cadence took this picture. I thought she did a pretty good job!
 After we cut out our snowflakes, we threw the little cutout pieces up in the air to watch the snow fall... that was fun.

 Cadence loves her teddy bear from Grandpa Leonard. She hugs it, kisses it, carries it around, uses it as a pillow, shares her books with it, everything.
 Here is Cadence painting, one of her favorite activities.

 Watching the singing light up moose was a favorite this year. I love this picture of Cadence and Daddy :)
 The first week of Christmas break, Josh brought Alex and JoJo to visit. We all had fun.
 We finally got around to going to the Festival of Light. Cadence loved it. She spent a lot of time just staring in awe... and when we would ask her if she liked the lights, she would grin and giggle.
 A random side note: both times I've gone I've been pregnant...
 Cadence reading her favorite book with Daddy. Since we got the teddy bear, Corduroy has also become a big hit.
 Christmas Eve pajamas:

 Christmas morning. She was delighted with every single present she opened... including ours.

 Grace was pretty happy with her new bones...
 Cadence's Christmas day dress. She refused to get out of her pajamas until after nap time, and even then we had to force her. She loves them. In fact, when they got too small and I was packing them away, she caught me and almost had a break down.
 Ok, see the mess on this child's hands and face? I left me food on the table while I went in the other room for just a minute, and when I came back the little thief was standing in my chair, eating my food and drinking my pop... and quite pleased with herself!
 Her first ride in her front facing car-seat. Technically at the time she was a few ounces short of legal, but she was too tall for her rear-facing, so we went ahead and made the switch. She loved it... she still loves it... The first time we were out, we saw a fire truck racing by with it's lights on. She was so excited, after it went by she started signing more. Um, we can't magically produce more fire trucks kid. Sorry.
 Eight weeks and couting...
 When I was taking pictures of myself Cadence wanted hers taken too.
 Ok... my OCD child went through all her letters and picked out just the t's, l's and i's to put on the fridge. Gotta love her...

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