Thursday, February 17, 2011

A What Now?

Tuesday evening I took a deep breath, squeezed in my middle, reached waaaaay back in my closet, and pulled out....

A dress.

That's right, a dress. Do you know how long it's been since I wore a dress? Let me give you a hint. Cadence will be two in *eep* less than two weeks. She is just now weaning. None of my dresses open in the front. There. You figure it out.

I was actually nervous when I put it on! We sure had fun though. Tony and I hadn't been out by ourselves in a long time (read: my birthday in 2009 is the last time we remember for sure). We went to Red Lobster courtesy of birthday gift cards, and didn't stress out about taking an hour and half to eat, because there was no one sticking their little bitty adorable hands in our food. Or bouncing in the booth. Or whining because she wanted to walk around. We had pleasant, meandering conversations. We laughed because in my dress you could see Cashew, but my skirts still hide him/her.

It's strange though. As nice as it is to be able to just leave whenever, to do things by myself, to do things with just Tony - I miss my baby. When we get back, it's like I've been gone ten years. She seems cuter, funnier... older.

I guess it just shows I'm a Mama. I need my baby. Always. Whether I can wear a dress or not.

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