Friday, February 10, 2012

Finally Some January (a.k.a. "The Awful Month") Pictures

Ok, so not the whole month was awful... it just felt that way at the time :) Thankfully, God gave strength for each moment and hope for each tomorrow, and the last several weeks have been quite wonderful. So. I actually got to scrapbook some of our pictures, and thought I would save myself quite a lot of trouble by loading them this way - saves so much time!

Remember you can click to make them bigger and hopefully read the journaling - after all, that's half the time saver is not having to retype about the pictures :)

I took the pictures above the day Cadence got sick (you can maybe tell she's already feverish!). When I looked back through pictures this month I realized it was a full two weeks before I took another picture, which is unheard of around here! But I apparently made up for lost time - here is the first batch of the rest of the month :)

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Aunt Yvonne said...

If we have to have only one granddaughter I would choose you again and again. Love you, Gramma