Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Fun Sort of Morning.

We started by taking 6 month pictures of James in the rocking chair. Wow. Ok, it's really hard to get a picture of someone who is determined to eat the arm of the chair. In fact, the only one we got with him looking up was blurry. That's ok - we got other cute pictures, and we had fun :)

We were still in our pj's when someone knocked on the door. I said "I'm not going to answer that, because I am not dressed yet." Cadence gave me a horrified look and replied "Mama, I can't answer the door, I am still in my pj's too!" Um, I didn't really want you to open the door. But thanks. Then she started stripping her pj's off. When she had her shirt mostly off, she looked down and grinned - "Mama, look, I am like Eve in the garden!" Ha! Yeah, you are!

Next came the birthday cake. Her party is tomorrow, so I started working on her cake today. She had gotten her Pj's off, and her underwear and socks on when she noticed. That was the end of that! She went streaking around the house in circles yelling "I AM THREE YEARS OLD! I AM THREE YEARS OLD!" Over and over and over. For twenty minutes. It was awesome.

I finally wranged some clothes on her and went to take my shower. Suddenly I hear "I am going to change my beautiful shirt." I peeked out, and sure enough, she had changed her beautiful shirt. Sigh. More laundry.

Then during James' nap, we spent about an hour in the bathroom. We scrubbed the bathtub, which Cadence loves, then she announced it was her turn to clean the toilet. Our toilet is now cleaner than it has ever been. She used enough Bar Keepers Friend to scrub a buffalo. No joke. After everything was clean, we brushed our teeth, washed our feet (don't ask), and then....

French braided Cadence's hair!

It's pretty messy, but I discovered the hardest part was not the lack of hair - it was trying to do it backwards from my own head! I could not for the life of me figure out how to hold my fingers, but we got it done. Next time will be better - and we had fun!

She wanted me to take pictures of her shirt. Random.

Next we went outside and played with the neighbor's dog, then went on a nice little van ride to deliver a check and peek at our new house. Oh, did I mention we're moving?! Our closing for our current house, and our new one, is supposed to be April 13th. As in Friday the 13th. Good thing we're not superstitious!

Then we came home and took much needed naps.

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Kristina said...

Might I suggest two french braids? That's what I always did with your hair. It works much better on that short hair. Good job, Mama. Oh, and those pictures are a lot cuter than silly pictures of a boy looking at you. Just look at those thighs!!!!