Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Name for Walnut

Walnut finally has a name! We've always liked this name, but wanted to keep looking... You know, just in case. So, Tony and I were sitting around rejecting discussing names, when Cadence piped up. "*Sigh.* Why don't we just name her Ruth Ellen like you guys said you liked. We like it. It's pretty. And we won't have to call her Walnut anymore."


So we did. Her name is Ruth Ellen Chancellor.

We plan on calling her Ruth Ellen, all together. Of course, we planned to call James... James, and he somehow wound up being J.

We mostly named her Ruth Ellen just because we think its pretty. But it also happened to be my Nonnie's name. And as you may know, Nonnie has always been one of my biggest heroes. May our little darling be as sweet, loving, and gentle as her great grandmother... And may her sheets always be as soft ;)

There is one drawback. Cadence's initials are ACC. Ruth Ellen's are REC. We seem to be setting a disturbing trend for our poor girls!


Kristina said...

Well, Cadence will only be saying ACC because the JAC hammer made a REC. ;)

Eva Leyba said...