Saturday, March 2, 2013

Pssst, Guess What?

We had our ultrasound yesterday, and guess what?
It's a GIRL!

We are so excited! We get another sweet little bundle to snuggle. I get to pull out all the cute, teeny tiny girly clothes, and the soft, frilly blankets. Cadence will finally get the baby sister she's been wishing for. James will still be my little snuggle puppy, and I can spoil him all the more, since he'll be my only little buddy.

I think it's a good thing she's a girl - Poor Daddy has really been struggling with how fast his sweet baby Cadence has been growing up, and he needed to be reassured that he'll have another little princess coming along soon!
Plus, we don't have to give the new baby to the neighbors... which is what Cadence had decided we should do if it was another baby brother.
She is stubborn though. It took about forty minutes to find out she was, indeed, a she.

When we first started the ultrasound, she was curled up in a little ball, with her knees pressing her forehead, and her ankles crossed.
She would not budge.

We poked, we prodded, I turned on my side. Nothing.
After thirty or forty minutes she finally uncrossed her ankles and straightened her legs. A little. The tech said - Quick! Let me look! Um... I'm 98% sure it's a girl. Let's get the other tech in here and get her more experienced opinion.
It was. Definitely a girl.
They still couldn't get a head measurement, which is one of the main measurements they want, so... they tilted the bed until I was lying upside down. It was great. Cadence's reaction - Coooooool!!!! Mother, that looks FUN!
Little miss finally cooperated and scooted where they could measure her properly.
After that they showed Cadence the blood flow in the umbilical cord, her skull, her heart, and her spine. Cadence loved it. She was very disappointed though, when we left without any pictures of the blood flow!
All in all, it was a good time, and I'm so happy and thankful God is giving us another healthy little girl!

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Eva Leyba said...

Awww, im so excited I cannot wait to meet her! ;)