Monday, October 21, 2013

James' 2nd Birthday Party

James adores construction vehicles, so we decided that would be a fun theme for his party. I had most things done before ReC came, so I wouldn't be getting ready for a party with a new baby. We had fun! It was so awesome to watch his face light up when he saw the decorations, balloons... and when all his family started trickling in and greeting him specially :)

Party favor hats...

 Bows to match the theme colors :)

The cake that died... and got remade... and died... and turned out cute anyway.

Pa-pa reading to Cadence and James before the party. 

Gramma getting some ReC snuggles.

James loved opening all his gifts, reading the cards, and saying thank you. He loved getting his own rocking chair to sit in too.

"I know there much be some way to get this paper off...."

Nana and Emma

Band-Aid Man!

He was so incredibly happy with his cake!

 He blew out the candles with one puff, before anyone could even tell him to:

Clapping for himself :) 

Jojo being the town fix-it hero:

Auntie's turn for snuggles!

His new little suit jacket from Aunt Jennie... which I love, and has come in handy since fall hit us with some chilly weather.

A bit of the 'loot'. 

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