Monday, September 23, 2013

A Dinosaur Party

Cadence loves dinosaurs, so she wanted a dinosaur birthday party. In fact, she started planning this party in October, before her birthday in February. She wanted all black, with lots and lots of dinosaurs, especially brachiosaurus, with a black brachiosaurus cake. I cajoled her into giving me another color to work with, and she grudgingly said a little bit of purple would be ok. Here is what we wound up with.

Cake table.

Gift Table

I love fork holders - just wrap a small box with tissue paper and add embellishments :)

Gumballs for dinosaur eggs.

My attempt at a brachiosaurus cake - I really like using smashed oreos for black instead of icing, since it tastes so much better than black icing.

Tyrannosaurus Rex guarding the cake. Is it sad that I've spelled these dinosaur names without looking them up? That's how many times we've seen them this year!

Cake for the second party, while the beloved Pelletier family was here. Rice Krispys are so much easier to shape! This one I sprayed with black spray food coloring. Super easy!


My first attempt at subway art :D

Dangling stuff makes me happy inside ;)

Of course Cadence loved her party. Once all her friends arrived she wasn't so much worried about the decorations anymore, she was ready to have fun, open gifts, eat cake, and most of all, play!

Oh, she also loved her shirt, which was just an iron on transfer of her invitation basically. 

Thank you for the gifts!

Snitching a lick of icing... the little stinker.

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