Friday, September 13, 2013

What We're Up to These Days {Chancellor Manor Randomness}

I thought I had better post some recent pictures of the kids before my mom and sister mutiny! I considered dumping all 366 pictures straight from the camera to here and letting you sort them out, just for fun, but... thought better of it. Aren't you glad? So instead you get 29. I even made it a nice prime number. Wasn't that sweet of me?

So here's what we've been up to... journaling in age order, pictures randomly interspersed:

Tony has been spending a lot of time at school, a lot of time wrestling with two little munchkins, and a lot time reading to said munchkins.

Pure joy!

Shes finally big enough to easily pedal.
 I have been trying to spend as much time playing with the kids as I can. I've also been making a couple bows, letting the kids paint, and trying out a little art myself - some painting, cake decorating, a little bow making. I am also still trying to balance wanting to be a hermit with wanting to reconnect with friends and family.

J's first night to sing withh the children during church - at our temporary, borrowed location.

Cadence has been learning to read, writing her name quite clearly by herself (along with anything else you will spell for her), drawing and painting, running around outside, swinging, playing, taking care of ReC as much as we will let her, and laughing and shrieking with James. She's been very tired recently, although this last week has been infinitely better. She's also been a lot more even keeled this last week, and it has been so wonderful to have our happy Cadence back! She is the sweetest thing, so eager to have fun, play, and please. She loves books of all kinds. She and Tony are on the second book of the Enchanted Forest Chronicles. Again. For the third time. In the last two months. We pretty much have them memorized.

Cadence, with a bucket over her head like a helmet, brandishing a spear: "I am a fierce and mighty knight, and I have come to rescue you from the dragon Kazul!"

Tossing the bucket and spear aside, and twirling around: "I am the Princess Cimorene, and I don't want to be rescued!"

That's my girl!

The other day I was making supper - when I came around the corner to check on the kids, Cadence was lying very, very still. I thought, "Wow, she's almost limp! In fact... no way. Is she asleep?!"

Yup. Our picky non-sleeper fell asleep in the middle of the evening, in the middle of the living room, lying on a chair turned on its side. Wow.
James has been very busy - turning two, going through a clumsy growth spurt, starting to talk in sentences, then getting over his clumsy growth spurt in time to learn how to climb up the slide, climb on the turned sideways video rocker chair balance beam and jump from it to the couch, and make the swing go crooked at will. He's still our love bug, and always eager to do housework. We're trying to adjust his schedule a bit later to accommodate our routine a bit better - we'll see how that goes. This boy is intense, and has strong circadian rhythms!

First day of smiles!

Enjoying books with Pa-pa.


Still his favorite. Thing. Ever. This boy loves blankies, and especially this one.
ReC has been busy growing and changing at the speed of light. She is so sweet and laid back! She loves to swing, listen to the kids play, talk, and walk around. She clings to our arm like a little monkey when we hold her on our shoulder....

And she smiles! Hooray! 

First walk with all three. Apparently its been way too long since we went on a walk. J was so confused at first, and kept asking why we weren't putting the stroller in the van and going bye-bye. That's what happens when your Mama is a puny pregnant woman in the middle of a hot Oklahoma summer! Thankfully they all loved it, even ReC. I promise she's yawning, not crying.

Six weeks - old enough to notice there is something next to her, and want to look at it instead of the camera.

Whoops. I didn't look at the font size when I processed these photos - I was trying to hurry and throw them on here while ReC ate... so they're all weird and big. Oh well, life's rough ;)

This was my art project. I wanted to do something special for Tony to celebrate his new stage in life, and... I'll be honest, I really wanted to let my creative juices flow a little. James kindly provided the water color sky background, then I used sharpie for the music notes, drew the little conductor outline and cut it out of black cardstock, then painted in each music note. It was fun!

Typical James. Taking advantage of an empty plastic tub and distracted parents... COMPLETELY empty the silverware drawer.

Balance beam trick. He can walk the length too, even though it wobbles.

Babe Ruth - and my body will land.... THERE!

My sweet girls at bedtime. Cadence pretending to be a baby, and ReC watching her every move. See how long she's getting? Those legs just keep on going forever.

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