Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Guitar Birthday Party {Watercolor Crayon Art & Rice Crispy Cakes}

This was so fun to plan! Our son loves guitars, and has since he was teeny tiny. In fact, guitar was his second word, at seven months! So for his first birthday, we did a guitar theme.

Fun things at this party:
Invitations with a guitar on the back
Guitar shaped rice crispy cake
Guitar art
Music makers, maracas, kazoos, etc. for favors


Rice Crispy Shaped Cake
I love working with Rice Crispy cakes. They are gluten free, and are so easy to mold!They also don't crumble while being iced, and if you make a mistake with the icing, it usually wipes right off to start again!

1. Draw an outline of your shape on a cake board or sturdy surface.
2. Cover with plastic wrap or press and seal.
3. Make rice crispy treats using the original recipe, but insyead of pressing in a pan, dump them on your outline while they are still warm and soft.
4. Butter your (clean!) hands.
5.  Shape to your outline, and allow to cool and harden.
6. Decorate as desired! You can also put icing around your design just for fun.
7. Cover with foil if it will be a while before the party. I always make mine a day or two in advance, and they are still yummy at the party.

P.S. If there will be candles involved, you might want to have something pointy to make a 'pilot hole' for the candle, since the 'cake' will be stiff!

Gift Table

Cake, Party Favors and Guest Page Table
For the kids' first birthdays I like to have a scrapbook page out and ready to go, and all the guests are forced urged to sign it for their scrapbook later.
Cake Table

Fun Watercolor and Crayon Art

Watercolor and Crayon Art

I promise our wall is not purple! Not sure what happened there... Anyway, this was such a fun art project for me. Confession: This was solely for my playing pleasure, not because I thought my son would particularly love it. There. I had never worked with watercolors before, so here are step by step instructions for this project too.

1. If you want, (I did) very lightly draw your design on a poster board in pencil.
2. Draw your design on poster board with crayon. Even white will show up once painted over, so have fun! I used a white crayon for the music notes and ones, and dark brown for the guitar.
3. Squirt a little watercolor from the tube into a cup or bowl, and dilute a lot with water.
4. Dip your paintbrush, and lightly cover all of the surface you want that color. Go right over the crayon! The watercolor will just slide off the waxy surface. Fun!
5. Allow to dry completely. The end. Easy peasy.

And one just for fun - birthday boy lovin' his cake and all the attention!

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